How To Convert Youtube Videos To MP3

Converting Youtube Videos To MP3 101

Some use sites like youtube or mp3skull to both listen to music and watch it. Millions of people listen to music now through various streaming services. Today we will review methods on how to convert videos from Youtube into Mp3 format and download them.

The easiest methods (involving less steps and ease of use) are listed below:

Youtube to Mp3:

One of our favorite choices is Youtube to mp3, as it even has a Firefox extension and they are working to develop the Chrome extension soon!

Youtube to mp3 works simply by pasting the link of the video you want to convert in the box they indicate to you and click on “download” button, the only limitation to it is that you will not be able to download videos above 20 minutes in duration.



convert mp3skull to mp3Flvto does not only convert to Mp3 but it also does so in other formats in case you are seeking to download the whole video, it works the same way as “Youtube to Mp3” does, the other file formats it offers is AVI and MP4 (both with an HD option)

Flvto biggest advantage is that it supports mobile and will also ask you to send it to your email or your Dropbox, it will also include suggestions for you from similar videos as the one you downloaded.

Here is the link for you:


VidtoMp3 is a very simple website with an ease of use as simple as our previous two mentions, it is a copy-paste in the box system for you to just place the link of your video and download it directly.
The benefit for VidtoMp3 is that they also support other video and music streaming websites such as: Veoh, Megavideo, DailyMotion, CollegeHumor and a whole list you can check directly in their website, (below the box where you paste your link)


This site counts with the options for video download and mp3 download, you paste your link in the giant box in the middle and pick from the top what format you would like to output for your conversion of the file.

It also includes a desktop app, which allows you to download videos and rack them up to fasten your process (they also have a mobile option once you click the “download” box which can be found further below after the instructions on how yo use the website)


2conv is a site very similar to Flvto if you are looking for an alternative, it has the issue that sometimes it misinterprets your region and places the website in another language but you can easily change that in the “language” button (top-right corner with the flag). another option is to use google translate.

They also include the options for video or just audio download and it is as quick as the previously mentioned sites.

We hope one of these options/methods for video conversion helped you!